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The Nasty Masks is as much about fun novelty products as it is about family. 

Our family has always had an amazing sense of humor -- at least we think so. As the pandemic rolled into town, we banded together to brainstorm what we could do to help. Through a series of crazy brainstorming sessions and a few laughs along the way, a lightbulb went off....why can't we find any funny, fun, playful, silly, ridiculous masks? It's bad enough we have to wear a mask in the first place but why does it have to be a lame experience? 

So, we started with a tush, that led to some snot and so on. As more and more ideas began to flow we said --- oh man, that's nasty! From that day on, Nasty Masks was born and we haven't been able to stop ever since. 

We're genuinely excited to do our part to keep people safe while also inspiring a few giggles and smiles during these turbulent times. If nothing else, we hope to share our positivity.

And, because this is such a somber and difficult moment for so many, especially those on the front lines, we've decided to donate 1% of all of Nasty Mask profits back to Americares, non-profit delivering critical supplies, providing clinical care and providing the training and resources for those on the front lines. 

Have a mask you would like to see -- please feel free to contact us with your idea. We'd love to hear from you. Until then, Take cover. It's nasty out there. 

Custom made with love, humor,

The Stein, Garber, Spector Families